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I found this eight page pamphlet in an Ebay store.  The faded pages, about the thickness of cardboard, were loosely bound together with deteriorating thread.  The International Art  publication is not dated and no artist or writer is credited, but I believe the illustrations were done by Ellen H. Clapsaddle, a Victorian artist best known for her postcard art.  Restoring and exhibiting her work has become my passion.

I did some cursory Internet research on the title and found some conflicting information about the origins of the words.  Depending on the source, the author is anonymous, a woman, a man.  The words themselves vary from site to site. 

My interest remains in the pictures.  Please note that the original drawings are not framed, and, I colorized some of the text.  If you enjoy yourself here, please take a moment to sign my guest book.     









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Although I usually design most of my web sets, this one, except for the flowered stripes, came from:

Moon and Back Graphics

They do beautiful work!

June 27, 2006