Chloe Rene Silvestri

Our first granddaughter


Update: Chloe with Papap

Father's Day 2004


Chloe Rene Silvestri

Shh!  My Papap Thinks I'm an Angel

Update: Chloe at 5 months


Jason, Chloe and Rene

First Family Portrait

Jason, Chloe and Rene

And so it begins. Exuberance is tempered by exhaustion. Instinctively, Jason and Rene touch each others hands and hover protectively over the new life they have created. Our son is now a father and we are grandparents again. This time, it's a girl child.


Great Grandma Helen Silvestri

Great Grandma

Yet another generation blossoms, making Helen a great-grandmother for the second time. This portrait of wisdom and innocence warms our heart. All things seem possible.


Mark Silvestri


We watch with wonder as this tiny creature enchants her grandfather. It's such a contrast of strength and vulnerability, but which one of them truly holds the power now?


Nana Barbara Beck-Ramsay


The soft skin and sweet-smelling hair of a freshly bathed infant brings back a rush of memories of baby oil, talcum powder and no-more-tangles shampoo. We all wish we shared this baby's ability to fall asleep so quickly and so completely. I am reminded of a different time when Mark and I were the center of our own children's world.


Auntie Carrie Noseworthy


My older daughter Carrie studies her brother and his new daughter. In just a few weeks, Carrie and her husband Graeme will give us a new grandchild and Chloe will have a playmate, cousin Justin Graeme Noseworthy. One element of having babies has changed: we used to have to wait until they were born to determine their gender. Now, babies are even named before birth.

(Update: Justin Graeme Noseworthy was born February 4)


Twins Erik and Jason Silvestri

Erik Silvestri

Erik and Jason, right after Chloe's birth. They have shared yet another life experience, something they have been doing since before they were born. My twins, so sweet as babies, have turned out to be so handsome as men. They are worn-out witnesses to the evolution of our family.


Auntie Heather Silvestri

Auntie Heather

Joyful! Auntie Heather's expression is as endearing as Chloe's outfit which proclaims that this is the baby's first Christmas. As one might expect, there is always a line of people ready to hold Miss Chloe.


Adam Silvestri

Uncle Adam

Our baby Adam, the youngest of six, poses with his new niece and her lovely mother Rene. It doesn't seem possible that Adam is driving now. He used to be the center of attention in our house but he seems untroubled by relinquishing that position now.



Uncle Mark

Most of the time, a toy box overflowing with playthings is a source of exasperation. At such times, if only we were conscious of the fact that the toy box will one day be empty and closed forever , those same toys might seem like little treasures.


Sleeping Baby

On behalf of Chloe

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