Welcome to my Victorian Valentine's Day page.  This year, I'm including valentines I made for my family.




This is my husband and I on the day we were married nearly 30 years ago.  Like the graphic says, I still see Mark just like this. 

I did not make the Victorian valentines that follow, but I include them here because their beauty is inspiring.  The music playing in the background is Lara's Theme from Dr. Zhivago.  The instrumental is a favorite of my mother-in-law, Helen Silvestri.


















































Whoa!  Queen Victoria would do a double take on this one.  Clearly we are no longer in the 1890's.  This graphic was made by Laura, a friend of mine from the Brat Pack.  The valentines that follow are all members of my family and the frames have been designed by me.



Adam, my son




Heather, my daughter, and Chloe, my granddaughter





Jason, my son; Paul Silvestri, my brother-in-law and Jason's godfather; Chloe, Jason's daughter




My sons Adam and Erik




Mark, my husband; Justin, my grandson; Carrie, my daughter




Rene Stanley; Chloe, Rene's daughter; Carrie




Chloe and Justin, my grandchildren




Chloe and Justin last year




Helen Silvestri, my mother-in-law; Justin, her great-grandson





My husband and I with our best friends, Judy [Heather's godmother] and Bobby Peloquin







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