Erik Sivestri at Logan Airport


My Liberty Rising gallery--which I created several years after the September 11 attacks--emphasizes the resilience of the American spirit and the triumph of freedom over terrorism. 

If not for a fateful decision to book a flight an hour and a half later, I would have been on the American Airlines flight that was hijacked from Logan Airport and flown into the World Trade Center.  Instead, I was on the tarmac awaiting take-off when the order came to ground all flights.  My son is pictured above. 

There are 25 renderings below, all of which are my own original creations.  These graphics are free. Use them for your site or in your emails.  It would be wonderful to launch Lady Liberty into the ethers.  Take whatever you want. Click the image and use the "save as" feature to download the image to your computer.

The animated dividers are from the Animation Factory.  This version of the Star Spangled Banner is sung by Whitney Houston.




Liberty Rising







liberty 25







liberty 1







liberty 2






liberty 3






Liberty 00





liberty 5







liberty 6






liberty 7






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liberty 8







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liberty 13







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liberty 15





liberty 16





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liberty 7





liberty 19





liberty 18




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liberty 007




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