Clapsaddle Valentine Postcard Restorations

Ellen H. Clapsaddle was a prolific artist whose work appears on countless postcards. Her holiday images captivate me; however, her work has been marred by faded colors, specks, holes, scratches and deteriorating paper. Since there is no longer a copyright on the original cards, I decided to restore some luster to my collection of her fading graphics, most of which were postmarked from 1909-1922. [See before and after examples below.]

I designed the frames and this web set to showcase some of my favorite Clapsaddle Valentine greetings. In some cases, I've altered the images quite a bit. For instance, the faces of my grandson Justin and my granddaughter Chloe appear in the first two Clapsaddle valentines.

You are more than welcome to save any of the valentines to your own hard drive or send them to someone you love. I did not create the royalty-free animations. I used them instead of the usual dividers because they just seemed to fit in with Clapsaddle's young people. For the same reason, I chose Danny Kaye's rendition of Inchworm as the music for this page.

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August 15, 2006


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