Easter Greetings!


Happy Easter Everyone



Ellen H. Clapsaddle was a prolific artist whose work appears on countless postcards of which Barbara was an ardent collector. Since there is no longer a copyright on the original cards, Barbara restored some of them which were marred by faded colors, specks, holes, scratches and deteriorating paper.

Remarkably, most of these cards were postmarked from 1909-1922. In the example below, you can see how age and use have affected Ellen's work. In addition to the restorations, Barbara designed the frames and this web set to showcase some of her favorite Clapsaddle Easter greetings.






For the purists, yes, Barbara made some changes in the following cards beyond the usual makeover techniques. For example, every now and then--the next graphic in fact--she uses her little magic wand to put her granddaughter Chloe and grandson Justin into the picture.







As you can see above, one of Barbara's most amazing gifts was her ability to align real life imagery with fictional Victorian landscapes -- incredible!

Please note that this page is actually a revisited version of her 2006 Easter page, "Clapsaddle Easter Postcards Restored". I did not have pictures on hand for this years' page, with the exception of the BBR style, framed photos of Chloe & Ethan Silvestri below. Sorry. The process is still very new to me.

As birthdays & holidays come about we will be sure to try and update Barbara's website the way she would have. However, proven even with this update, it will not be easy to keep up with her legacy.

2008 Chloe & Ethan Silvestri
































































































































March 23, 2008

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