Clapsaddle Easter Postcards Restored




Ellen H. Clapsaddle was a prolific artist whose work appears on countless postcards of which I am an ardent collector. Since there is no longer a copyright on the original cards, I decided to restore some of them which were marred by faded colors, specks, holes, scratches and deteriorating paper. Most of these cards were postmarked from 1909-1922. In the example below, you can see how age and use have affected her work. In addition to the restorations, I designed the frames and this web set to showcase some of my favorite Clapsaddle Easter greetings.






For the purists, yes, I have made some changes in the following cards beyond the usual makeover techniques. For example, every now and then--the next graphic in fact--I use my little magic wand to put my granddaughter Chloe and grandson Justin into the picture. I did not make the animations: they come from the Animation Factory, a subscription service.

After your visit, please take a moment to sign my guest book. Enjoy the postcards and have a Happy Easter! BBR






































































































































April 12, 2006

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